TOUR 2002
08/20/02Chico (CA)Moxie'sThe Velvet Teen, Desert City Soundtrack, End Transmission, The Autumn Era
08/21/02Stockton (CA)Caffeine DenThe Velvet Teen, End Transmission, The Desert City Soundtrack, Better Day Story
08/22/02San Francisco (CA)Bottom Of The HillThe Velvet Teen, End Transmission, The Desert City Soundtrack
08/23/02Petaluma (CA)The Phoenix TheatreThe Velvet Teen, End Transmission, The Desert City Soundtrack, Goodnight (Cast of Thousands, Jet Black Summer in Lobby)
08/24/02Portland (OR)Meow MeowCrosstide, The Velvet Teen, End Transmission, The Desert City Soundtrack
08/25/02Seattle (WA)House PartyThe Velvet Teen, End Transmission, Asahi
08/26/02Seattle (WA)Sonic Boom RecordsThe Velvet Teen
08/27/02Eureka (CA)Babetta'sThe Velvet Teen, The Cutters
08/30/02Campbell (CA)Gaslighter TheaterOlympic Year, The Velvet Teen, Name Taken, Plans For Revenge, Spitshine Synidicate, Audio Riot
09/07/02Cotati (CA)Sonoma State UniversityThe Velvet Teen and more
09/14/02Berkeley (CA)924 Gilman St.Denali, The Velvet Teen
09/16/02Portland (OR)The Blackbird Denali, The Velvet Teen
09/18/02Seattle (WA)Paradox Denali, The Velvet Teen
10/15/02Los Angeles (CA)The TroubadorThe Velvet Teen, Dredg, Division Day and others
10/15/02Hollywood (CA)Sixty SixThe Velvet Teen and Big City Rock
10/16/02Anaheim (CA)The Chain ReactionThe Velvet Teen, Augustair and others
10/17/02Los Angeles (CA)UCLA CooperageThe Velvet Teen, Gusto and Sunday's Best
10/18/02Las Vegas (NV)移動日
10/19/02Provo (UT)The Art Front GalleryThe Velvet Teen, Tarmac and Scout's Honor
10/20/02Denver (CO)The 15th Street TavernThe Velvet Teen, Rescue and One If By Land
10/21/02Lincoln (NE)移動日
10/22/02St Paul (MN)The Dinkeytowner CafeThe Velvet Teen, Audrey and End Transmission
10/23/02Minneapolis (MN)Tom and Casey' s HouseThe Velvet Teen and others
10/25/02Rockwood (MN)Rockwood Community CenterThe Velvet Teen and The Exit
10/26/02Stevens Point (WI)Mission CoffeehouseThe Velvet Teen and others
10/27/02Chicago (IL)Fireside BowlThe Velvet Teen, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Exit and Minus The Bear
10/28/02Peoria (IL)The Meeting House (教会)The Velvet Teen, Scout's Honor and Minus The Bear
10/29/02Ottawa (ONT)Bumpers詳細不明
10/30/02Brooklyn (NY)Northsix[CMJ MUSIC MARATHON 2002] The Velvet Teen, The Ghost, The Exit, Party of Helicopters, Circle and Square
11/02/02New York (NY)Village Underground[CMJ SHOW CASE] The Velvet Teen, Ted Leo, Hot Hot Heat, The Party of Helicopters and more
11/05/02Providence (RI)The UndergroundThe Velvet Teen, The Exit and two local bands
11/06/02Williamsburg (VA)Lodge OneThe Velvet Teen and Dalek
11/07/02Greensboro (NC)Gate City NoiseThe Velvet Teen and The Shames
11/08/02Durham (NC)The Duke CoffeehouseThe Velvet Teen, Karate, Helms and Piedmont Charisma
11/09/02Atlanta (GA)CJs LandingThe Velvet Teen and Tilden's Faith
11/10/02St. Augustine (FL)Cafe ElevenThe Velvet Teen and others
11/11/02Orlando (FL)Back BoothThe Velvet Teen, Sound the Alarm and Vostok
11/12/02Gainesville (FL)Common GroundsThe Velvet Teen, The Hudson Falcons and The Remedies
11/13/02Pensacola (FL)Van Gogh'sThe Velvet Teen, Taken From You and Portside Drive
11/14/02Houston (TX)Mary Jane'sThe Velvet Teen, Pedro the Lion, Seldom, and Scientific
11/15/02Austin (TX)Emo'sThe Velvet Teen, Pedro the Lion, Seldom, and Scientific
11/16/02Forth Worth (TX)Ridglea TheaterThe Velvet Teen, Pedro the Lion, Seldom, and Scientific
11/17/02Santa Fe (NM)Warehouse 21The Velvet Teen, The Roots of Orchis, Oma Yang and Kidcrash
11/18/02El Paso (TX)Bridge Center for Contemporary ArtsThe Velvet Teen and others
11/20/02Tempe (AZ)Stinkweeds RecordsThe Velvet Teen and Reubens Accomplice
11/22/02San Diego (CA)Che CafeThe Velvet Teen, The Exit, The Bipeds and American Thighs
11/23/02Palo Alto (CA)Mitchell Park Community CenterThe Velvet Teen, Escape Engine and The Librarians

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