Written by the Secret Band

I've played a blue guitar out in the rain / I've walked along the freight line in the fog / seen junkyards and punchcards and airbags and smoke / I may be laughing but I don't get the joke / there was a time I used to live far away from here / on a little street in a little town where the air was clear / a doorstop, a nightcap, and two pairs of shoes / I'd swear it was perfect back on Madison Avenue

I don't mean to bore you / but I just want to say / that life's been kind of lonely / ever since I moved away / now I'm uncertain / of where I should go / you wouldn't know either / if you knew what I know

there was a girl whose name I can't seem to recall / she knew about the Milky Way and the stars / she laughed like an angel and she shimmered like the sea / it's been a while; I wonder if she still remembers me / and when I find a pencil I will write to her / about a man who had no common sense / everything's broken and there's nothing I can do / but fall in love with her memory back on Madison Avenue

a Golden Gate postcard / a fish on a string / a wallet full of nightowls / and cabbages and kings / a note that reminds me / of all that I'm worth: / pick up the groceries / and drop off the earth

I'm not sentimental, but every now and then / I wish I was living on that little street again

the hope and denial / in everybody's eyes / the oilsmoke and lightshows / and hollow lullabyes / nothing is dirty / and nobody dies / and no one is lonely / and nobody cries

I would describe my state of mind in colorful terms / but black and blue both look the same when your eyes are swollen shut / we're swimming in circles--oh, what have we done / we're bright metallic objects reflecting the sun / and as I sit and contemplate the stormclouds in my coffee / I am aware of gunshots ringing in the cold December air / I wonder out loud if it's someone I knew / it's lovely here, but I wish I was back on Madison Avenue / it's lovely here, but I wish I was back on Madison Avenue

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