Fixing a Faucet

Written by Judah Nagler

i have started climing
for the higher ground
sea tide rushing in
yeah, our time is running out

i was wrestling with the faucet
fixing for a crowd
one that doesn't listen
and never will
even my mother
saw the demon i could be
without a muzzle
or a leash to know my place

stay calm
be nice, sir
now cough
to the right, sir

until i reach the seer
i'll keep, sea urchin
i've looked for that needle
salted on amber waves, a grin

i will penetrate to your heart
like liquor through a vein
just a tiny muscle
the vile thing

but even a muscle
need a beat to know its pace
without a pulse, oh!
it isn't easily replaced

it's just common advice, sir
now cough
to the right, sir

were it you, i bet you'd run for the mop
with your eyes running like the water
that will not stop

and untill it ceases
we will not

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