The Veil Between

Written by Judah Nagler

what is one, thought another? / who looks out behind the eyes of your lover? / yours, a sight i would drink in / in time, like a wick's end / all that i have, you deepen / in the tunnel, by the bridge / held my breath and from the silence made a wish / for a time, our next hit, / tonight, only this / for the light, toward the exit / allow me to follow your lead in the dance / let only one step carry me the distance / my only request is simply your presence / for now / as it is though the taste of it is sweetest / when you're on your hands and knees / with the best, some bitter / let it breathe / here and now / i am alive / rising silent as the sun / from my horizon, i alone see your dawn / in the morning, when what rest will awaken / and vision is blurry / when we stumble from the dream / when we finally see behind the veil between / will the sight of the truth free you? / are you frightened of who'll see you? / are you still in a hurry?
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