The Manifest

Written by Judah Nagler

love can be a royal menace / been reminiscing / you were pretty, penniless / with looks to kill a king / you were blind, begging for change / well, just you wait and see / now we're making empty threats / pawn their vacancy / we'd been ruling for years / really, what a waste / we've been burnin' love letters / all that we wrote, erased / we would turn in the manifest / now that we both could read / we've been learning the terms we committed to / were meant for memory / like the sky, you were over me / i know, we needed space / i'd go to mars and make a record, curiosity / i'll find another / life is ordered now / for the exploring / if you can take my chaos, baby / i'll map your terrain / we've been ruling for years / i'm never far away / we've been touring and tearing the veil / well since the millenium / baby girl, someday, someday / 'cos i'm never far away / we'll be burnin' the sheets / we'll save on laundry / back in 1980, maybe nah, i was never innocent / i've been burnin' the papers since 1997 / we've been drinkin' free today / drunk on liberty / i've been learning, been earning my confidence / and my confidantes
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