Written by Judah Nagler

i don't need to be in control / no ache to break the mold / i will, like the joint i roll / disappear / don't need to beat the game / no ache to take the king / i just want to do my thing / 'cos it is / passing on / horn a' plenty / calm dissenting / cognoscente / i hear it all / loud and clear / i just want to stay right here / and do my own thing / who will escape their role / when blindly, led by the fold / if they say they do not know / what it is / voices will rise in vain / the loudest end up missing / so if they know, they do not say / but it is / doublespeak / singularity / paradox or merely parody / i see it all come and go / i just want to take it slow / and do my own thing
inserted by FC2 system