Written by Judah Nagler

have you made your peace with fate
have you resolved all of those hated mistakes
are you banking on a bank
to withdraw all of the statements you made

do the things you desire
let you remember what you wanted them for
when you've finally laid your claim
do you find that you just search all the more

well, not me cos i have you
and you're all i could ever want
in this eternal moment
to have and to hold
as our bodies burden
this returning torrent

if my mother had stayed away
from my father
would she have been more happy
if they both had stayed in the ring
would they clown now
or find crowds less clappy

do the people you love
still come greet you like you'd never left off
or has your skin become too rough
is it too hard to even keep in touch

yeah, i try my best, but when i can't
and i'm away, know you've all my love
in this sea turtle moment
to have and to hold
as our bodies burden
this retarded chorus

and you will never forget to laugh
made with hands that will so playfully ask
to touch and yes, to grasp
at all the more ways for us to feel and react

oh i know, oh i will
i know i will

trust yourself and the one that you love

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